Controlled Airspace For Drones

Airshare was launched in December 2014. It has become the provider of choice for many drone pilots and operators. Airshare allows pilots to gain vital access to vital information regarding flights, and also gives them the opportunity to log their flights directly with the flight control facilitator. More than 10 000 drone operators are registered with the provider.

Airshare – drone operators connection

Drone flight or operation has become extremely popular in New Zealand. Airshare provides these operators with all the information they need to fly safely and within the laws. It is imperative that drone operators, recreational or commercial, understand where they are allowed to fly. Civil aviation laws apply and need to be followed accordingly. Logging of flight information with air traffic control is an activity that is required by law as a measure to control air traffic. Each week New Zealand records more than 600 flights logged by registered operators.

At the present moment, it isn’t mandatory for drone operators to register to fly, however, the fact that so many have done so is a clear indication that drone pilots are increasingly aware of the responsibility they have to fly safely.

The sky is truly the limit

At present New Zealand is in the development phase of a system that will manage the integration of drone traffic into a broader airspace in the country. Progress in technology has allowed for the testing of systems that will give drone pilots the ability to effectively track their drones once they are no longer visible. The technologies are expected to include navigation systems that will allow aircraft to remain out of each other’s way and avoid drone air accidents. It is time for drone operators to be held accountable for their actions and to take the proper precautions to take part in safety at the forefront. This will be for the benefit of themselves and all other air users.