Drones In Gambling World

Betting is a field in constant evolution. The gambling market just a decade ago looks entirely Stone Age compared to today’s market. Things like eSport betting, provided by the likes of River Belle App and the drone racing gambling make today’s gambling platforms look extremely futuristic. Well, as the old saying goes, on gambling you can bet on anything with probabilities. Drone racing involves a competitive FPV drones racing on a three-dimensional course.

Drone competition and gambling market

A competitor races unmanned Ariel machines in the first-person point of view in a drone competition. In order to get the live feeds, drones are fitted with a camera, which is connected to the virtual-reality goggles gear. The result is a simulated experience similar to that of the competitor being inside the drone.

Enjoying the show from a fan point of view is as exciting as flying the drones. This makes drone racing even more attractive to the bookies than ever before. Drone betting has a few forerunners to thank, who set the way for this kind of betting. Formula 1 and horse racing, just to mention a few, broke the ground for drone racing, despite many challenging their lack of sporty character due to horse and machine power. Just like eSport, drone racing had to prove their worth in terms of the fanbase in order to catch the attention of bookmakers.

Drone racing has attracted a number of investors and sponsors who have been willing to put their money on the sport. With such confidence, bookies had no reason not to include drone racing as a betting item.

The only thing that is holding back a majority of bookies is the fact that drone racing has not yet received official odds. However, everyone agrees with the fact that drone racing has a great potential in the gambling world.