Make Money Flying Drones in New Zealand

The use of drones has skyrocketed. While many partake in the activity for purely the pleasure and entertainment value, there are those who make drones part of their business, and a means of earning a salary. A recent survey in the country has revealed just how these individuals make their money. It is surprising the number of drone operators, who are making the flying of their toys, their source of income.

The Survey

There is a rapidly growing drone operator community in New Zealand. Airways recently undertook a survey of drone users. Almost 7000 operators listed on the Airways Airshare database were invited to take part.1442 participants were recorded. The sheer numbers are an indication of exactly how broad the drone community is.

The results revealed some astonishing facts. The 60% majority of those who took part in the survey, stated that their use of drones was purely recreational, leaving 40% who make use of drones for business on a commercial basis. The study revealed just how those making commercial use of the crafts did so effectively. There are many different applications in the retail industry that can bring in money. Time to turn your hobby into a money making business perhaps?

Rules and Regulations

Most of those who took part in the survey, maintain that they are always sure to obtain the necessary permission from the landowners, whose land they will be flying over. By law, you are not permitted to operate an unmanned aircraft over any private, or state-owned, property without prior consent. Incidents should be reported to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for investigation and action. Fines for reckless flight are hefty and will be given to offenders without a second thought if it is proven that their actions were to the detriment of people, business or other aircraft.