New Zealand Drones Geared for Progressive Flight

New Zealand is on a mission to design and build small, unmanned drone aircrafts, suitable for assisting in the search for missing people or even as spy aids. Auckland is the NZ territory that has taken the challenge upon itself. The project is likely to become a lucrative one, with costs being minimized to well below what overseas design and manufacture would cost. In a day and age where the economy is flailing worldwide, saving where you can is paramount to success and advancement. New Zealand is realizing that very fact, and making the necessary moves in the right direction. The only way now is forward or, in this case, upward.

Progress moves forward

Progress is steady and the results are showing their worth. Prototypes have been built at the Devonport Naval Base for the Defense Technology Agency. The two drones are operated off a battery. They are then controlled via a computer at a ground location, with navigation been made easier through onboard global position devices. This technological advancement is impressive on its own, since high tech components are included into a small device. It seems New Zealand is taking the bull by the horns and doing it for itself.

New Zealand forges ahead

With the advancement in drone technology in New Zealand, it won’t be long before the results are such that they are able to tackle and battle the best on the market. The obvious added benefit of a major reduction in production costs is one that cannot be ignored. They have the capabilities to design and build world-class machines. It’s about time the country and its citizens realized the potential within the boundaries of their country. The need to look further afield is a distant memory. The country is more than capable of effectively and successfully doing the work by itself and with more than satisfactory results.