What is Drone Racing?

Just as with eSport, drone racing has become one of the latest entries into the betting world, with many bookmakers introducing these betting options on their platforms. The drone racing community has established itself with racing competitions, governing bodies and quality competitors in recent years. Live dealer always says that this has raised the issue of drones in gambling, among many sports enthusiasts.

Though the drone racing league takes part once in a year in June, there are many other mini leagues that you can bet on, with bookies offering different types of bets, such as straight win or lap or hit winner. It can be noted, that there are fewer markets for drone competitions, as compared to other sports. However, with the increased activity on the sport, we can expect a growth in the available markets, and also the maximum you can stake.

How to Bet on Drone Racing

Choose a Trusted Bookie

The first step is identifying a trusted betting site, that offers drone competition markets. Doing a little research won’t cost you anything, because this is a new sport, and not all bookies offer these markets.

Look Out for Bonuses

Before making your first deposit, look out for bookies offering a bonus on a first deposit, or on new accounts. Some sites apply a first deposit bonus instantly, while others require you to input a bonus code.

Depositing Funds

Different bookmakers offer various methods to deposit funds into an account, depending on the location and government legislation. However, this does not limit the player to a single deposit method, because there are a variety of options.

You are Now Good to Go

The next step is identifying the drone market that you want to bet on. Do some research to see what professionals in the industry are saying, as this will give you some ideas on winning tips, and the industry’s trends.