If you are into technology, you have probably seen a flying drone before. You’ve probably even talked yourself into buying one. Drones are cool but there’s more to owning one than meets the eye.

Not everyone sees or views drone flying as harmless fun. The past confirms that it has been used by national armies for attacking and spying on unsuspecting enemies. When misused it is a weapon, so there are rules and regulations forehead where drone piloting is allowed.

Some of the most common areas where drone flying is legal and commonplace are various National Parks. To go national park drone flying there are some clearances you will need to have.

There is a process set in place to assure yours and others’ safety. The authority overseeing this process is known as the Department of Conservation (DOC). Their strict guidelines have laid out the ways that you can and can not use flying drones in New Zealand’s conservation estates.

Plenty of National Parks allow you to pilot your drone, but unless you have applied for and are granted the DOC’s permission upon approval, you are at risk of being penalized by law.

The approval time for a concession takes about 5 days so you should apply at least a week in advance. Also, use the site as your source for the most recent information on drone piloting in National Parks. While your there, specify if you will be needing a short term or long-term concession. Each conservation estate has its own specific guidelines.

The DOC website is the best way to figure out where you can use your drone. On the site there is a page of National Parks listed for you. Pay close attention to this list because there are many parks which do not allow drone piloting.