In 1972, a particular clique of Christchurch Model Aero Club members felt the need to form their own club, with the aim of confining their interests to radio control. They identified a site at Greenpark, 29km from the city centre of Christchurch, and the new club, Christchurch Radio Fliers Club was founded that year. The following year saw the new club become an affiliate of the New Zealand Model Aeronautics Association (NZMAA).

During its formative stages, the club’s members would show up every Sunday morning, to make the pits and runway areas, using rotary lawnmowers. At that time, the club had limited funds at its disposal. However, the club gained financial stability with time and acquired a used ride-on mower to help with the work. One of the club’s founding members, by the name Brian Frew, would subsequently donate a mower lockup, and toilet to the club.

In 1975, Christchurch Radio Fliers Club received a donation of three trophies from Russell Ramsden, one of the club’s longest serving members. Every year, the club awards these trophies to the most improved flier, the club champion, and the most helpful member.

However, despite a good start, the club experienced challenges on its road to success. Their field at Greenpark was taken away at some point, forcing the club to relocate to Motukarara. The wind there was not favourable, and the club had to move again, this time to their present site at Burnham.

Christchurch Radio Fliers Club has, over the years, established strong ties with Hokitika club. In fact, the club sends its members to Hokitika’s fly-ins every year. As of September 2018, the club has about 50 members, who fly all kinds of models, including Choppers, Multirotors, and Fixed Wing. The club members meet annually to hold discussions on various aspects of modelling. They also invite expert speakers who give out ideas on various relevant topics.