Owning a drone in New Zealand is becoming increasingly more accessible every day. There are better legal regulations in place to guide ownership, than when drones were first introduced. There are more outlets where one can buy a drone, and the entire market is now better informed, and in a position to offer useful advice.

Today, you don’t have to place an order in Auckland to get a drone. You can just walk into a shop in any of the major cities, such as Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, Queenstown, to name but a few, and walk out with a flying robot of your own; all requirements fulfilled.

There is, of course, also the option of ordering your drone from retail shops within, or beyond, the country’s borders. Some even offer free shipping.

What Type of Stores Stock Remote Controlled (RC) drones?

The short answer is any store that sells technological items. The long answer is that different stores sell different types of drones. Drones are roundly regarded as accessories, so it is easier to find a suitable drone in a store that sells what you intend to use it with. Camera shops will stock photography drones, and so on.

Here are some drone stores in New Zealand that you can trust:

  • Noel Leeming

Noel is an online retailer with a recommendable reputation. The good thing about the shop is that they have buying guides, that are well researched and can offer actual value to the buyer. This

makes it an ideal store, especially for first-time and novice buyers

  • Hobby City

As drones try to cut out a specific category for themselves, they will have to put up with other toys at Hobby City. The good thing is, that this renowned company already has a good name, regarding the quality they offer

  • RC Hobbies

RC is a regular partner for manufacturers, and many drone buyers appear to have put faith in them

  • Harvey Norman
  • Drone Lab NZ