Remote controlled aircraft are popular flying machines that can be controlled by the user via a joystick. These controls tend to use radio transitions to communicate with the aircraft. This activity has grown into a well known hobby enjoyed by people throughout the world.

When the radio transition communicates with the aircraft it uses signals to control the vehicles movements. The orientation of the plane will be dictated by the joystick attached to the transmitter. The ease of which a user can control the vehicle has led to its wide appeal.

The activity has been known to have been around since the Second World War. This was done for military exercises rather than recreation. However the hobby only started to gain substantial growth during the 2000’s. This is for a number of reasons.

The main reason is the change in costs to a remote controlled aircraft. People can pick one up for much cheaper than in earlier decades. There have also been numerous technological improvements. This has meant that the performance of the vehicles has become more effective.

Modern day flying RC aircraft are also lighter. This means they can be transported with greater ease. Another reason for their increased appeal is the wide range of different models available. This means that there is an aircraft available for practically anyone.

These vehicles can be used for many different applications. Organisations that focus on scientific, military and government endeavours have all seen the potential in this type of radio controlled aircraft. They are often used in experiments to test out aerodynamic models. In recent years they have been increasingly used to gather important data on the weather. As technology increases in innovation it seems likely that the popularity in remote controlled aircraft will grow and more people will enjoy the hobby.