Drones are among the new gifts that technology has given to the modern life. They have entered some of our professional spheres and continue to push their way into even the most basic daily activities.

For example, while in the recent past having a drone to help in photography appeared like just a thing for the hipsters, it will be almost a necessity in the near future. Online retail shops are continuously adopting the little metallic birds for deliveries, so we are definitely going to see more of them in our neighbourhoods.

The exciting pieces of tech are making it necessary to have clubs of people with similar interests. This can be attributed to several factors, which include:

  • A platform to gain extra knowledge – drones are still a new concept to many enthusiasts and thus they want a place where they can learn more about operations and other related stuff.
  • Seeking for a place to share experiences with other drone users
  • Coming together to create an organized community to avoid inconveniences, since drones operate in the open environment.
  • Concerting efforts to push for favourable legislation regarding use of drones

Christchurch, one of New Zealand’s early adopters of most of technology’s offerings, has been a popular destination for retail drones. The Christchurch air is alive with drone buzzes going about different business each day.

There are several clubs that are bringing together drone owners and enthusiasts in Christchurch for the above-named reasons and more. These clubs often admit both amateur and experienced drone operators.

Sunrise Rotary

The club is bringing people together for the purpose of game and fish conservation awareness to be raised using drones.


The club looks to promote responsible and fun use of the flying robots in all aspects of use.

Christchurch Radio Flyers

This one looks to keep fliers in the loop of prevailing flying conditions and regulations